Aldea Arts Program

Aldea Arts Program

Aldea Home incorporates inspiring art in our loft-like home store at 890 Valencia street. Artists are carefully situated within the fully staged rooms in order to showcase ambitious art in ideal domestic spaces. Currently on view are macramé lights by Dana Hemenway (more info here), animal head ceramics by Lorien Stern and Nathalie Roland's woodcuts.

Past artworks exhinited at Aldea have included Ryan Jones' site specific chalk line drawing, Katie Shapiro's evocative photographs of California landscapes and Molly Dilworth's patterned hanging banners. These artworks interact poignantly with a context similar to how art lives in actual homes. We hope to inspire our patrons to collect unique art pieces alongside home furnishings and design accents.

Artists that have shown their work at Aldea include:

Molly Dilworth | Rebecca Ebeling | Mark Golamco | Dana Hemenway | Deric Carner
Ryan Jones | Liz Koerner | Derek Lynch | Natalia Nakazawa | Courtney Price | Nathalie Roland
Leah Rosenberg | Sita Rupe | Owen Schuh | Katie Shapiro | Jessica Skloven | Phillip Stearns

Image: Dana Hemenway, Untitled (Extension Cords - Blue), 2013, extension cords, wood, paint, light bulbs, power strips, 96in x 157in x 24in