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A giftable box of five popular baby bottles that lets new parents try out different ones to see which works best for them—before buying a whole set.

Every baby is different. Some babies will take to any bottle with no fuss. Others are very particular about which bottle they like.

Aldea's Bottle Box offers a great solution to the feedback we often hear from our community—that new parents tend to register for or buy a whole set of bottles only to realize they aren’t the right fit. This box lets baby and you try out a variety of bottle shapes and styles to see which ones your family prefers, before you commit to buying multiples of one bottle.

Aldea's Bottle Box contains five of the most popular bottles among Aldea parents, and it makes a great baby shower gift. All of the nipples are Stage 1/Slow Flow for newborns, but please note that each brand’s nipple flow will slightly vary. As such, if your baby likes one style nipple but after some time stops liking it, try changing the nipple to a different flow option. 


1x LifeFactory  4-oz glass bottle with 1 stage 1 nipple (0-3 months)

1x ThinkBaby  9-oz stainless steel bottle with 1 stage A nipple (0-6 months)

1x ComoTomo  9-oz silicone bottle with 1 Slow Flow nipple (0-3 months) & 1x Medium Flow Nipple 2-pk

1x Ola` Baby  4-oz gentle bottle with 1 Slow Flow nipple (0-3 months)

1x Joovy 5-oz PPSU boob bottle with 1 stage 1 CleanFlow vent Nipple & 1x naturally nood nipple

*Please note: items may differ slightly from photos (like the brand, color, packaging or size), but descriptions are accurate. Extra nipples (ComoTomo; Joovy) are either or, not both.

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