Audubon Little Owls 2023 Mini Wall Calendar


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 Tiny owls, fluffy and round, photographed in their natural habitats.

A surprised-looking Short-eared Owl nestled in the snow. A pair of young Great Horned Owls, feathers just starting to come in. A Northern Saw-whet Owl that appears to be more head than body. And an aptly named Little Owl peeking out of a hollow tree trunk. From the National Audubon Society, the organization synonymous with birds, Little Owls features a year of diminutive owls and owlets— gorgeously photographed in their native habitats—in the cute-enhancing mini format. Accompanying each full-color image is a detailed caption with information about the species, including scientific name, voice, habitat, and range. It’s a charming gift for adults and children alike who devour books and videos about all things owl. Printed on responsibly sourced paper

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