Secret Santa

Make this year the year you become the best secret santa ever. From whimsical gifts fit for any gardening nut to fragrant teas that will keep your fellow coworkers chipper through the day, we've compiled a splendid collection of gifts sure to earn you the title 'Secret Santa of the Year'.

(From left to right, top to bottom)

1. What do you get your awesome coworker who brings you fresh produce from their garden every week? A plant friend for their desk! The Eggling Crack and Grow is a precious, oversized egg that will grow for up to five months, so it can keep your coworker company through the entire winter season.
2. Hard work calls for a good, strong drink at the end of the day, and these Whisky Stones will keep any liquor chilled and undiluted for some well-deserved relaxation.
3. For your friend who grew up in the city and has a serious dose of SF O.G. pride, what else can you get them but the San Francisco Rocks Glasses? Help them kick back and rep in style with these fun and perfectly-sized glasses.
4. Always borrowing your cubicle mate's hand sanitizer? It's time to gift them back with the delightfully functional Clean Beans. All they'll have to do is drop the beans in their reuseable water bottle and shake, and they'll have a squeaky clean bottle in 30 seconds.
5. So, your office mate makes the best baked goods ever and you're getting a craving for treats again. Send the baker a subtle hint with the classic and scrumptious Café Du Monde Beignet Mix.
6. Your brew bro's always got your back in the break room, so get them back with the fragrant and exotic Tea Sampler Tin (and they come in cute pyramid infusers!).
7. Have a secret doggy treat drawer to lure the office dog to your desk? Show the pooch's owner how grateful you are for the office cuddle bug by getting them the Best Friends Mug, complete with a personalized illustration!
8. Every office has that amazing person who coordinates all the parties and events, so what better gift to get them than the Celebration Champagne Flutes? Elegant and functional, these dishwasher-safe flutes will help them commemorate special occasions in six different languages.
9. For the lovable geek who fixes your computer every time it crashes, the Cubebot is a perfect new desk friend that will hold an array of amusing positions and fold back neatly into a perfect cube when playtime's over.

November 12, 2013 by Aldea Home

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