Deciding on "the" glider for your family? For us the one we love is Monte design for sustainability, design, comfort and flexibility. Their hand-crafted gliders are all sustainable, easy to clean and free of petroleum and flame retardant chemicals.
An optional ergonomic lumbar pillow or ottoman provides extra support and comfort where you need it.
Whether you prefer the sleek swivel of the Grazia, the easy recline of the Grano, or the dreamy plush back of the Como, you can’t deny the modern transitional styles of the chairs. When the nursery grows into a big kid room, the glider serves as a great addition to your living room. Each chair is made to order in Canada with an impressive commitment to sustainability and low emission.
All the Monte models available in our home store for you to try out. We can walk you through the custom options and fabric choices so you don’t miss out on the full Monte experience!

October 03, 2014 by Aldea Home

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