Grab the tissues and Vitamin C—flu season is officially here. Between the office, your kid’s school, and the gym, a sick day or two is unavoidable, so this week we’re rounding up some comforting necessities to help you get the most out of your recovery time.

(Clockwise from top left):
Cold & Sinus Bath Cube: When you're sick, nothing feels better than sinking into a hot, steamy bath and feeling your body relax. The Cold & Sinus Bath Cube is the magic potion that takes your recovery bath to the next level, relieving your clogged head and swollen sinuses so you can emerge a radiant creature an hour later.
Eye Shade: Between the sniffling, blowing, and coughing, being sick takes a toll on your face. Block out the light and get some much needed beauty sleep with this lightweight and whimsical eye shade.
Tokyo Lotions: Transform yourself from a dry, chapped flu zombie to your former beautiful, silky self again with these hydrating, shea butter-rich lotions.
Lavender Eye Pillow: Every part of your body deserves a pillow, so why not pamper your poor, sick self with a plush, lavender-filled eye pillow? Ease into some much-needed ZZZs on a cloud of lavender and wake up as your healthy, bushy-tailed self again.

October 27, 2013 by Aldea Home

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