We’ve been envious of babies lately. More specifically, we wish shapes were new to us again, that we could be hyper-aware of the things that connect the tactile with the visual. So this week, we’re going back to basics—we’re reconnecting with the building blocks of design, as well as embracing that magical moment when shapes expand and repeat to become glorious, sensational patterns. Here is a selection of our favorite products that explore everything shapely from friendly squares to updated chevron patterns:

Graphic Frame*: A subtle update on the striking and iconic chevron pattern, these Graphic Frames are as timeless as the moments you capture in them.
Two-Tone Photo Frame*: Frame your most memorable travels in the exotic patterns of these sizzling, two-toned frames.
Orange Quill Lumbar Pillow*: Have it all—combine glamour and comfort with this vibrantly designed Orange Quill Lumbar Pillow.
Magnetic Sketch Wall: Never mind a new paint job, change your wall decor on the fly with these modular magnetic boards. Sketch doodles, pin to-dos, and rearrange to easily freshen up a room.
Infinite Tree: This sapling's modular design is based off of the Golden Ratio, and allows a limitless amount of variations so your little one can create every species of tree imaginable.
Grimm's Wood Blocks: Build the world with your baby using these wooden, handmade tactile puzzles, or even use them as vibrant decor.


October 03, 2013 by Aldea Home

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