With the nights getting darker and the shadows getting longer, it’s swiftly approaching our favorite spooky time of the year. This week, we bring you a decadent collection of lighting pieces to create an eerie and deliciously dread-inspiring ambience fit for ghost stories, casting strange shadows, and celebrating the macabre. Here are some of our favorite pieces to help bring a chill to your spine and get your heart beating a little faster:

(Clockwise from top left)
Waterfall Chandelier: Inspire envy with the mother of all statement pieces. The Waterfall Chandelier is a piece of extraordinary metalwork and fine, cascading iron chains.
Small Pentagram Lamp: A petite but mighty lamp to create grand, geometric shadows in your room.
Enchanted Garden Chandelier: Bring the magic and mischief of the sprites and goblins indoors with this stunning, organic chandelier.
Florentine Chandelier: Complete your gothic manor with this dramatic Florentine Chandelier and provide your grand and macabre feasts with luxurious lighting.
Nickel Carriage Lanterns: These oversized, polished lanterns will guide your steps through the long and dark halls.

October 11, 2013 by Aldea Home

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