If you've never had the chance to see one of Robert Minervini's gorgeous murals, you're in for a treat. Based out of San Francisco, Minervini's work is both sublime and inventive, mesmerizing in his use of colors and landscapes. We're lucky enough to have him create an original mural for Aldea, and got a chance to sit down and chat with Minervini about his work and inspirations—check out our interview with him below.

Where are you from originally and how did the local culture shape you as a designer/maker?
I grew up in North Jersey and the Philadelphia suburbs until college, then in Philadelphia for 8 years before moving to SF. I'm a first generation Italian American, so living in different places and crossing cultures has definitely shaped my taste in art.
What initially inspired to make your product?
I've been making murals for almost 10 years now. I was approached to make this mural for Aldea from a friend who is a designer for the company. It was a nice way to try and translate my painting style into a kid-friendly mural.
What is your favorite step in the creation of your product?
I love starting projects, when the possibilities seem endless. It's fun to see where projects end up creatively and how people interact with them.

What hobbies inspire your designs/products?
Photography and reading mostly.
What is your favorite color?
Normally I'd say blue-green, but recently I've been using a lot of semi-neon yellow orange and it's really growing on me.

What is your favorite shape and why?
The shape that comes out of making something unintentionally.
What is your favorite texture this season?
What did you see of interest today?
Some great cloud formations over the bay.
What is your motto?
Find beauty in the everyday.
September 22, 2013 by Aldea Home

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