American-born, German-Indian Laurence Srinivasan is the designer of iconic Bay Area-inspired pieces such as the model-sized Golden Gate Bridge, Sutro Tower, and Oakland Cranes. After moving to San Francisco, Srinivasan found that the bay lent itself as a recurring theme to projects from his rich collaboration with local artists and makers through TechShop SF, to his current projects involving the Bay Area model series featured at the SFMOMA (including the Sutro Tower, Oakland Cranes, and Golden Gate Bridge).

Srinivasan’s background was a natural progression into his latest projects: subsequent to graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Srinivasan worked for various architecture firms before landing in Brooklyn as a furniture maker. The intersecting progeny of these two worlds, architecture and furniture, emerged organically in the form of Studio for Metropolitan Craft when Srinivasan moved to San Francisco. The Studio’s work begins by using architectural models as a springboard to make tabletop sculpture, furniture, and architecture, a process that Srinivasan thoroughly enjoys exploring and repeating in order to perfect and finalize products.

Check out photos of some of his Bay Area-inspired work below (available at the Aldea Home store):

Painted in international orange, Srinivasan's strikingly art deco rendition of the Golden Gate Bridge is finished before lasercutting, then etched and scored to render the details in the wood.

This 1"=50' model of Sutro Tower is a delightful DIY kit complete with graphic instructions that help you bring some of the San Francisco skyline into your home.

We see and wonder about these creatures lining our commute every day, and now we can build them in 4 simple steps with the Oakland Crane Wood Kit.

December 26, 2013 by Aldea Home

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