Ever wonder what inspires our window displays? Aldea Manager Dave talks about the America's cup, ghost hunting, and more!

The nautical theme inspiration for the current windows started a couple of months ago when we did the Dining by Design nautical theme, and we wanted to design a display to celebrate the America's Cup happening in our city.
I was also really inspired by a recent ghost hunt on the USS Hornet, which is a ship in Alameda. It's supposedly haunted and we went on an overnight ghost hunt there. Our tour guides gave us access to unauthorized areas to different parts of the areas in the dark, and the spaces, like the bunks and the anchor room, were claustrophobic, but really interesting. Being in the anchor room was really inspiring, with interesting elements like massive anchors and chains. And the history of the ship, it's been out of commission since 1970 and is now a historical landmark, so that history and the whole experience was very inspirational.
While working on the window I feared making it either too modern or too Nantucket, but I think there's a nice balance, and I think Aldea offers a wide range of product to support that balance. Adding pieces from the store with a sense of humor helps bring it to life too.

View the Aldea Galvanized Desk

The Galvanized Desk is my favorite piece in the window—it reminds me of an old airstream trailer.

View the Sutro Tower Wood Kit

And I love the Sutro Tower Model, which we even have a DIY wood kit for.

Come stop by Aldea Home to see Dave's display through August!

July 25, 2013 by Aldea Home

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