Cantwell is the Manager....OF FUN!! He is the Aldea Ninos ringleader who loves dazzling those around him with magic tricks and puppet shows. He can talk like a pirate, juggle like a clown, and his knowledge of all the products in the store is deeper than a genie’s lamp.


Natacha is a DIY-loving, jewelry-making, all-around crafty princess. She can eat 12 cupcakes in one sitting, and she loves knitting hats for cats and mittens for kittens. She is our test drive expert when it comes to new crafty toys at Aldea Ninos, and she makes sure we only carry the best!


Alfredo is the new parent of the bunch, and he has recently embarked on the road to becoming the most active, outdoorsy, young-at-heart, afternoon-story-time-reading Father around. Raising a child gives him first-hand experience of the trials and tribulations of shopping for the must-haves for new parents, as well as all the everyday needs for your little one.


Noel is the fashion expert and designer extraordinaire of Aldea Ninos. She’s daring enough to mix polka-dots and stripes, and her favorite food combo is chocolate and almonds. With her keen eye and a pinch of fairy dust, Noel makes sure that our mannequins and window displays always look their very best.