Sqwiddle the Squid Teething Toothbrush - 100% Pure Rubber


Brand CaaOcho

Made of 100% Pure, the Highest Quality of Natural Rubber. Perfect natural teether and toothbrush for babies - certified BPA, PVC, Phthalate, Nitrosam
All stage teething support: from front incisors to back molars. Legs and tentacles are long enough to reach cutting molars. Offers a massaging sensation when babies bite down to sooth sore and sensitive gums.Sealed hole design prevents the accumulation of stagnant wanter and saliva inside the toy. Just rinse it with warm water and use mild soap if necessary. Perfectly designed for soothing aching gums.
Two-in-one toy: teether and toothbrush. Toothbrush reaches back molars, and brushes new incoming teeth. The teether is easy for little hands to turn around and manipulate. It offers different textures for tactile exploration. It’s soft and flexible – babies can easily bend and twist it.


Without Holes BPA Free Teething Toothbrush Toy, All Natural, Textured for Sensory Play, Hole Free, Reaches Molars

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