Plan Toys Pinball


Brand plan toys

Take a sustainable spin on an old-school classic with PlanToys' Mini Pinball Table! To play: pull the stick at the bottom to shoot the ball up, and try to keep the ball in play by pushing the buttons on either side of the game to control the flippers and direct the ball through obstacles.

Your little one can make the game more challenging by adjusting the location of the windmills, wooden pegs, and rubber bands. Plus, all PlanToys are made from sustainably harvested rubberwood trees that can no longer produce latex paired with surplus sawdust chips that are thermally reprocessed to form a durable wood, and finished with E-Zero non-formaldehyde glue, and non-toxic water-based dyes. From donating resources to a Children's Museum in local Thailand, to using a portion of profits to reforest nearby cities, PlanToys is sustaining the environment, and the economy, with their innovative rubberwood toys!

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