Nook LilyPad2


Nook is a company of parents. Every product Nook makes, every design Nook creates and every value the company holds comes from the love of their children – and yours! From Nook’s top-rated mattresses to the award winning nursing pillow and play mat, Nook eliminates any compromise parents may have otherwise had to make when wanting whats best for their kids. They do this by creating luxuriously comfortable products that are innovative with perfectly balanced design and functionality using non-toxic and eco-friendly raw materials sourced globally.

The LilyPad2 is your favorite playmat only now bigger and better than ever with room for the entire family! Whether you’re looking to graduate from your original Lilypad or just need more room, the LilyPad2 playmat has you covered. The extra space allows everyone to stretch out and relax. From a concert in the park to movie night in your family room, the LilyPad2 offers a comfy spot for one and all. Like the original LilyPad, this non-toxic, versatile playmat has 1” of PETE Air Spacer for cushioned comfort. Fun fact: each mat saves 75 water bottles from a landfill! The organic Pebble fabric is soft to the touch and is extremely breathable. Even in its larger size, the LilyPad² playmat is still machine washable!

Key features:

  • Made of eucalyptus, organic cotton & zinc
  • Non-toxic, sustainable & recyclable
  • Ideal for tummy time
  • Machine washable, tumble dry low
  • Includes travel backpack
  • Earth friendly and recyclable
  • Weight: 8 lbs with backpack
  • Dimensions: 56″ x 56″

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