Meli the Monkey Bookcase


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Meli the Monkey Bookcase is a unique collaboration with Half Full, a locally designed and responsibly made San Francisco wallpaper, textile and home goods company, founded by the amazing Kellie Menendez.

Far, far away in the depths of the Amazon rainforest a troop of spider monkeys swung and leapt in the dappled sunlight that broke through the green canopy above them. As the long afternoon melted into evening, the sky slipped into a glowing pink, suffusing the monkeys’ playground with a mellow, happy warmth. This beautiful way of life is sadly under threat from rainforest logging.

Inspired by her love of nature and concern for the natural world, Kellie illustrates her wallpapers and fabrics with animals and plants. It made perfect sense to me that her spider monkeys would appreciate the shelter of a rescued bookcase, the reuse of which helps reduce the demand for more logging to provide wood for furniture. Meli the Monkey Bookcase is a happy and forward thinking piece that is functional, beautiful and also a tribute to the natural world.

Three fixed shelves.

width: 26”

depth: 11”

height: 48”

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