Charades has finally met its marker. Face up to a new challenge with the game that’s sure to make an expression. Maskarades is the exciting new game that lets you blindly go where no other game has gone before. Pick a card, put on the dry-erase mask, draw a face, and get into character – don’t forget your lines!

You have one minute to face up to the challenge and make your masterpiece in this hilarious laugh-out-loud game. INCLUDES: 1 x dry erase board, 1 x dry erase pen, 1 x paper note pad & pencil, 1 x timer, 1 x set of game cards.

You don’t have to be a creative genius to score big in this game. Fantastically fun for the whole family and ideal for all ages, Maskarades is the perfect match for any party. (Artistic ability not included.)

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