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The Stump is constructed from a solid block of green wood. Simple, contemporary form has been applied to a natural material that will break the form as it ages, making each piece unique.

Cut from a solid block of freshly cut domestic ash or maple, the surface splits as it ages and dries, giving each piece a unique look. Ring and heartwood details have been preserved and featured on the seat. Like much of Kalon Studios’ work, Stump explores the playful relationship between the inherent variations of natural materials and the precision of contemporary form. No finish has been applied to best allow the piece to develop a natural patina as it ages.


Small: 8″W x 12″H x 8″D
Large: 12″W x 17″H x 12″D
Made in Maine

• Made from American Ash and Maple.
• Green Wood is timber that has been recently harvested and therefor has not had an opportunity to season by evaporation of the internal moisture.
• Green Wood pieces will warp and split as they age. This is an intended part of the design.

• This piece is sanded but not finished. 
• No toxins/No off-gassing


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