Jewels of Nature Platinum Mios/Priam Footmuff


Brand Cybex

Explore a mysterious jungle full of hidden secrets and the beauty of nature, led by majestic sparkling beetles: “JEWELS OF NATURE”.

Why beetles? These shimmering armored creatures have inspired designers and style icons for generations, from Cleopatra to Karl Lagerfeld. At Chanel’s 2019 Métier d’arts Show, the German fashion designer staged the Egyptian sun beetle in a particularly opulent manner. With Alexander McQueen, butterflies, bees and beetles conquered the international catwalks. Now they adorn our strollers in a masterful display of craftmanship, flitting across the mystical midnight-blue baroque-style jacquard fabric as if across the Amazon night sky.

The elegant PLATINUM Footmuff offers a comfortable and cosy fleece lining to keep your little one warm. The upper materials feature leather-look appliqués and are a perfect match with the fashionable design of the PRIAM and MIOS strollers. Water-repellent materials protect from the cold, wind and rain.

  • Cozy fleece lining to keep your little one warm
  • Suitable for PRIAM & MIOS
  • Water-repellent materials
  • Upper materials feature leather-look
  • Protect from the cold, wind and rain
  • Delivery: 1 Platinum Footmuff

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