dysFUNctional Board Game


The dysFUNction board game is fun for adult game nights, dinner parties, double dates, girl's nights and more. dysFUNction is also the perfect gift for anyone (and everyone) who has family.

Play dysFUNction and you’ll find the fun in your dysfunction…but more importantly, in everyone else’s. dysFUNction is a hilarious new storytelling board game that will have you laughing and competing with your friends over who has the most dysFUNctional family. Grab a Cart and claim YOUR Baggage-in this game the player with the most Baggage wins. You can’t choose your family, but you can use them to win!

Learn more about the rules of the game here!
These bonus drinking game rules are for helping you find even more fun in your dysFUNction.

players: 3-6
ages: 18+
game type: party/social
game time (approx): 45 min

dysFUNction game board
baggage claim tray
6 baggage carts
90 baggage pieces
65 dig deep cards
35 family fun cards
1 die

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