Bamboo Baby Bath Hooded Towel in White


Brand Natemia

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* SUPER SOFT & COMFY: Produced from premium-quality rayon from bamboo, our white baby hooded towel feels silky and plush to the touch. Adorable bear ears on the hood make bath time even more fun for your little one! * INCREDIBLY THICK & ABSORBENT: At 500 GSM, our white bamboo baby hooded towel absorbs water three times faster than traditional cotton towels, drying your child quickly while keeping him warm and relaxed. * GENTLE ON DELICATE SKIN: Our hooded towel is ideal for little ones with sensitive or delicate skin. It is odor-resistant, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic. Bamboo-derived rayon is extremely durable and keeps its softness even after countless trips through the wash. * Generously sized at 35” x 35” * 100% rayon from bamboo * Luxuriously plush at 500 GSM * Features a comfortable hood * Naturally mildew and odor-resistant