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Self Watering Organic Herb Kit

A self-watering culinary herb kit featuring “wicking,” a passive hydroponic method, that brings water and nutrients up to the plants’ roots. So whether you forget to water or overwater or both, we’ve got you covered. The grow medium stays moist while providing space for oxygen, creating the perfect balance of water, nutrients and air.

Seeds take 5-18 days to sprout, depending on seed type. Your herbs will be ready to start harvesting in 2-3 months. Continuous harvesting will encourage bushy plants and greater yields.

The Garden Sack is designed to be reused! Rinse out the smart pot liner and reservoir container with water and start the process over. You can use potting soil and grow from seed, cutting or transplants. Use a water-soluble fertilizer and follow its instructions.



For indoor or covered patio

Lemon Basil
Burlap sack  from up cycled coffee beans collected from roasters throughout Chicago
9”D x 9”H
2 lbs

Made in USA

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