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Endless Summer

Endless Summer

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  1. Yuzu Body Lotion

    Yuzu Body Lotion


    A traditional Japanese citrus scent with aromatherapeutic qualities to inspire optimism and promote a cool, fresh sense of well-being while keeping your skin extra soft. Developed by The Floating World for use in Ten Thousand Waves' Japanese health spa, this all-natural lotion will keep your skin silky soft.
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  2. Swedish Dream Sea Salt Hand Creme

    Swedish Dream Sea Salt Hand Creme


    Sea Salt Hand Creme is sea worthy. A rich formula of 20% natural shea butter combined with the aura of Swedish Dream sea salt, and infusions of sunflower, lavender, calendula, and olive oil will keep your hands in shipshape every day. Free of Phthalates, Parabens, Sulfates, Silicones, EDTA, and Gluten. 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.
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  3. Tritan Square Bottle

    Tritan Square Bottle


    This BPA free water bottle has an easy to grab handle and unique quarter turn caps for sipping on the go. Clean Bottles are specially designed with a bottom cap for thorough cleaning. Time to throw out your moldy bike bottles, there is a better way!
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  4. Campfire Wood Flask

    Campfire Wood Flask


    Flash some stupid fresh campground style with a wood clad stainless steel flask.
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  5. Driftwood Smartphone Dock

    Driftwood Smartphone Dock


    Made from the coast of Main, this live edge docking station gives a rustic aesthetic while obtaining a modern device. Each dock is one of kind. Great for iPhone 6, 6+, 5, 5S, 5C and 5th generation.
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  6. Diamond Kite Procyon

    Diamond Kite Procyon


    The sparkling Procyon is a sleek interpretation of the classic diamond kite. Perfect for a lazy afternoon in the park, these kites fly high in a gentle breeze. Kite fabrics are screen printed by hand in Brooklyn, then cut and assembled in Williamsport, PA. Each Procyon kite is subtly unique and also includes our signature 10 foot long patchwork kite tail, kite string and flying instructions. 
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  7. Backgammon



    Pure skill and sheer luck combine with the tumble of dice to draw you into this intriguing game, more than 5,000 years old. Beware the battle that will ignite as the two sides meet. Not for the faint-hearted of those down on their luck.
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  8. Sing it Back

    Sing it Back


    Read out the lyric from a well known song- your team must then say or better still sing the next line. Earn extra points by guessing the artist and song titles. This is a really fun game and includes 280 classic pop and rock hits from the 50s up to the current day. Earplugs not included.
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  9. Ogodisk Mini

    Ogodisk Mini


    Two miniature trampoline-like disks to volley the OgoSoft ball into the air. This portable set is hours of outdoor fun and harder than it looks. Toss and catch balls up to 150 feet in the air or bounce it close for indoor fun (don't let mom see!)

    Try it with water balloons or used as a flying disc, this game is a favorite for kids from 5 up. Play with a partner or alone to improve hand eye coordination. We recommend getting two sets for fun with the whole family (and an extra ball).
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