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Drinking with Chickens Wall Calendar 2021


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“This calendar is intended for entertainment purposes only. Don't take it so damned literally.” — Kate E. Richards
Announcing the calendar you didn’t know you needed! Combining Kate E. Richards’s two obsessions—craft cocktails and yes, chickens—Drinking with Chickens is a silly and utterly winning new calendar based on the Instagram sensation that’s been featured on,,, and in Country Living and Saveur magazines, and is the subject of a forthcoming book. The author is a lifestyle influencer who loves to make cocktails in her garden, where she grows the ingredients—and where chickens happen to roam about. The resulting photographs are colorful, unexpected, and disarmingly funny. A chicken celebrating the new year with a champagne tower. A chicken looking with befuddlement at a grasshopper (the drink, not the type it’d actually like to eat). Chickens just being their feathered, goofy, good-natured selves. With beverages. Accompanying the images are a dozen cocktail recipes to mix while in the company of your own chickens—or humans.

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