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Orlando Bedroom

Apr 6, 2014 8:02:47 PM

Assemble a space that is an extension of yourself by playing with the tensions and proportions of masculine and feminine stylings. Charge the character of your bedroom with a jolt of bold color such as a luxuriously androgynous purple, completing the look with a unabashedly feminine accent such as the ornate Christian Lacroix Pillow, or give it a masculine finish with a bold, rhythmic print like the Pipal Indigo Duvet.

Introduce leaner, more minimal graphics to highly structured, angular furnishings when creating masculine spaces. Clean, linear shapes paired with tailored, fitted textiles will bring out subtle and rich details like wood grain and woven textures in large statement pieces.

Chic, feminine spaces engage the inhabitants through fluid, sinuous shapes contrasted by the strength of occasional pops of color and elegantly bold swatches of patterns and graphics. Emphasize the lithe and supple shapes of your furnishings by accenting the space with striking colors, textiles, and patterns for a balanced and playful feminine bedroom.

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Ernest Bedroom

Feb 23, 2014 5:59:28 PM

The devilishly dashing Ernest Bedroom complements art deco stylings with steampunk accents so you can round out your rugged dwelling with a contemporary edge. Add polish to your space with the striking Thomspon Queen bedframe, a handsome, hand-crafted piece that is constructed of sustainably harvested and reclaimed wood, finishing off with the glamdrogynous, incomparable Maxim Chandelier, a piece so decadent even Jules Verne is salivating.

Shop the Ernest Bedroom online.

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Emma & George Love Nest

Feb 13, 2014 5:51:38 PM

Migrate seamlessly from the percussive energy of the streets to the tranquil folds of your cozy, luxurious retreat. All downy pillows, luscious linens and thick blankets, the Emma & George Love Nest is an ensemble of comforts from around the world. Feathered with linen- embroidered pillows, cashmere and alpaca throws, the Devon Bed is a hand-crafted, eco- conscious masterpiece that brings the warmth of distant woods into your home. Made from reclaimed and eco-friendly materials, the pieces featured here gathers the best and most carefully sourced craftsmanship the world has to offer.

The beautifully hand-crafted Devon Queen Bed is built from sustainably harvested and reclaimed woods. Juxtaposing warm patinas with rough and refined woods, the artistic use of tone ensures every one-of-a-kind piece is a focal point able to blend beautifully with others.

Shop the room on our Emma & George Love Nest page.

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Artist

Dec 15, 2013 10:23:48 PM

We’re art lovers here at Aldea, and we’ll bet you know and love a few, too. We picked out some things from our shelves that are sure to appeal to all your favorite aficionados and make their holidays a celebration in aesthetics.

1. What better compliment to your friend’s coffee table than a set of Jeff Koons-inspired Balloon Animal Book Ends?
2. For the lover of iconic San Francisco engineering, this detailed, decorative Golden Gate Bridge Tower model is sure to instill both inspiration and nostalgia.
3. If your cultured chum likes to create art as well as consume it, he can build his own little piece of home with the Sutro Tower and Oakland Crane Wood Kits.
4. Artist love statement pieces and this brass Crest Bottle Opener is one that’s both functional and exquisitely designed.
5. The Eames House Blocks are great for the whimsical artist who loves iconic architectural mastery as much as she loves playtime.
6. Your pal can have control over just how abstract her Christmas tree is this year with the wooden Infinity Tree that has, that’s right, an infinite number of festive compositions.

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Ah, the Flaneur—that friend you have who seems to know about all the new and hip happening things months before the rest of the world. He’s an urban explorer, a cultural connoisseur. She’s out pounding the pavement—or more likely, cycling the streets—keeping her finger on the pulse of the city. Here are some gifts that are sure to impress this endearing, endeavoring hipster.

1. By making his extensive collection of small-batch and specialty whiskeys portable, the stainless steel Flask & Funnel set allows on-the-go party-preparedness for the Flaneur with a more particular palate.  
2. Don’t let a flat tire ruin this swanky cyclist’s day—help keep her prepared with this vintage-inspired and compact Bike Repair Kit.
3. The Flaneur likes to stand out—even in those black tie occasions where dapperly suited men tend to blend into a mass of black and white handsomeness. Let him show his originality with these Bicycle Chain Cufflinks.
4. The U-Locker Necklace will remind your favorite fixie fanatic of her beloved, noble steed—even when it’s parked right outside.
5. Your friend is eco-friendly and immensely creative, so inspire him to log his ideas and findings in the Penny for Your Thoughts’ Leather Journal. It’s made of top grain ‘oil pull’ leather and recycled paper, complete with a punny penny tucked into a little pocket on the front cover. 
6. It’s likely your friend’s glassware collection consists mainly of repurposed jam and mason jars. Add some diversity to his collection with this upcycled Cancun Tumbler

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Have an impeccably styled and polished friend you love to envy? Gift her with our curated collection of fabulous goods to show her your gratitude for letting you raid her closet all those times. From timeless accessories to whimsical pieces for the home, the fashion maven in your life will be beside herself with glee.

(Clockwise from upper left)
1. Every vogue lady should have the liberty to change her home decor on a whim. The luxe quality and marvelous designs of these Temporary Wallpapers will let a girl change the ambience of her home as often as she changes her heels.
2. All graceful curves and functional design, the Wool Swan Scarf will keep a girl cozy and elegant throughout the winter. Whether you choose the black or white swan, you can be sure this scarf will accentuate any outfit!
3. Unique, historic accessories are statement pieces that are hard to come by. The Beaded Stone Cuff draws from the old Victorian tradition of floriography where flowers are arranged to depict secret messages, and are sure to capture the attention and envy of all who spy it.
4. This timeless 5 Year Journal is perfect for Jane Austen fans, complete with daily witty quotes to help you recall the classics as you record your day. After all, what's more classic than Jane Austen? Only a pair of patent leather heels.
5.  Is your style as unique as a jackalope? Well, now you can get a matching Jackalope Jewelry Holder! (Not that it'll be in competition with you, of course.) Only mother nature could design such a perfect animal to faithfully guard your jewelry!
6. You'll be all oohs and ahs at the end of every drink with this remarkably adorable Creature Tea Cup. At the end of every beverage, you'll see a delightful little face peeking up at you for a quick hello.

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Gift Profile: Off Piste

Dec 1, 2013 10:01:13 PM

We all have that friend, the one we call the 'Urban Yeti' because they spend more time in the mountains than they do in the city. Help your apline-loving pal bring a little high-tech living to the mountains the next time they head off for an epic excursion with this crunchy and clever collection of gifts.

(Clockwise, from upper left)
1. Need to spend the night on a ledge, 4,800 ft above a glorious national park? No problem. The Safe Bamboo Radio will keep you company in nature with everything from 'This American Life' to the oldies.
2. After a weekend in the mountains, everything needs a good scrubbing, including your water bottle. Easily and quickly wash the inside of your water bottle with the Clean Beans—just drop these eco-friendly beans inside your bottle and shake!
3. Bring nature into your home with the Baltic birch San Francisco Bay Wood Chart. A bathymetric map hand stained in a custom solid-wood frame, this laser cut, layered artpiece is perfect for reminding you of a nearby or distant bay.
4. This unquely shaped Square Bottle is designed so it won't roll out of any cupholders on your trips to and from the slopes. And cleaning while you're on the go is a cinch—simply screw off the top or bottom and scrub away!
5. You shouldn't have to nurse your camera or phone battery if you're outside all day. Be liberated from battery conservation with the Solar Backup Battery and feel free to snap away when you summit that mountain!

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Dude-Worthy Gifts

Nov 27, 2013 10:26:19 PM

We're not talking Jeff Bridges here (okay, maybe a little bit, but less 'The Big Lebowski' and more real life JB)—this is the guy you call when your car does 'that thing' and you're too anxious to call the mechanic, the fellow who brings a six pack to a baby shower (and is invited every time thereafter), the one who makes you short ribs after a breakup...you know, The Dude. What do you get that supremely awesome person you'd never introduce to your folks, but can count on for everything? Here are five of our favorite gifts for all the dearly beloved dudes (and dudettes!) in our lives:

 (Clockwise from upper left)
 1. Because the dude loves his drink, and because you're always trying to sneak a bit of class into his demeanor, the Stainless Steel Glacier Rocks are a perfect way to keep the dude's drink strong and give him an unintentional sense of style all at the same time.
2. We love a guy who loves his grill because we reap the benefits in amazing, downright scrumptious barbecues. Gift the master griller with the All American Spatula so every weekend can be a July 4th weekend, complete with burgers and beer.
3. You know what's at the soul of every true dude? An old grump. And there's nothing this lovable curmudgeon enjoys more than a game of high stakes backgammon, so be a dear—humor him with this gorgeously graphic, handprinted Backgammon Set.
4. The Dude's always talking about retiring to Mexico when he turns forty, so why not introduce a bit of the future glory days into his drinkware? These Cancun Tumblers are made from reclaimed beer bottles, so your dude can be both nostalgic and eco-friendly in the same sip.
5. For all the times he let you switch from the game to the latest marathon of Law & Order, repay the Dude's patience with a Vintage Stadium Bottle Opener, a collectible artifact made from authentic stadium and sports equipment materials, so that every beer he cracks open can be a memorable one.

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Going to the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner this week? Make sure to bring the hostess a memorable gift to show her how much you appreciate her hospitality, beautiful home, and stunning culinary skills. With this collection of goods specifically curated for the hostess with the mostess, there's no doubt you'll be invited to all the best dinner parties in the upcoming year.

(Clockwise from upper left)
1. Show the baker some love by getting her this beautifully designed Baking Set. Who knows, you might get some cookies out of this! 
2. The hostess will love these Decorative Animal Place Card Holders, both the perfect finish to an exquisitely set table and great conversation starters for new dinner guests. 
3. These striking birch Honeycomb Coasters will have guests buzzing about their flare all throughout the party.
4. Are the Mr. and Mrs. of the house a truly foxy pair? Gift them with the dainty and stylish porcelain Mr. and Mrs. Fox Salt and Pepper Shakers to remind them of how lovely and spicy they are.
5. Give the hostess the joy of being able to arrange a new table setting daily with the mix and match array of colors from our Pastel Dinnerware Collection. Designed to combine tactile pleasure and visual delight, the pieces from this collection will add a personal touch to any table setting or kitchen.

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Gifting Made Easy: 2013 Edition

Nov 3, 2013 4:46:05 PM

gift baskets

Move over Santa—we're about to bring gifting to a new level. Have a dear friend for whom you want to get an exceptional gift? Instead of just one perfect gift, what about a collection of carefully curated gifts? These new Aldea gift baskets will fit the unique people in your life and are beautifully packaged, as well as discounted at 15% off the full retail price. Check out what we have in store for your pals on the 'Nice' list:

Techie Gift Basket

Have no idea what to get your geek whiz friend who already has all the latest gadgets? This eclectic set of whimsical and clever gifts will make them the envy of all at the startup.

Greenboom Speaker
Solar Backup Battery
Bike Repair Kit
Square Clean Bottle
Guthrie Cubebot 
Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture

Cocktails Gift Basket

No more headaches over what to gift your drinking buddy, pour yourself a drink and we'll take care of the rest.

Skull Whisky Stones
Zuzu Coasters
Stainless Steel Flask
Woodthumb Roll and Brew
Eiffel Tower Glass
The Gentleman's Guide to Cocktails 

Spa Gift Basket

Relax, soak and unwind while we take care of gifting for you.

Scented Pop Candle
Tokyo Milk Hand Creme
Sumptuous Wash Cloths
Lavender Eye Pillow
Library of Flowers Bath Soap
Decorative Matches 

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