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Embrace the Art of Hygge

May 17, 2017 9:46:04 AM


Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is the Danish term used to describe the sensation or quality of cosiness and well being. It is a feeling of content and warmth within ones home, often created by the intimate atmosphere of the room. Here are a few of our suggestions when creating a room that embodies and becomes your own livable, comfortable, and cozy sanctuary. 

1. Textures - Soft and natural textures help create both the physical and visual sensation of comfort and warmth. 

2. Lighting - You can easily create an atmosphere of intimacy and relaxation with candles and lanterns.  

3. Games - Hygge is all about togetherness and appreciating small moments. Enjoying games and off-line activities helps bring everyone to the table to better appreciate intimacy and presentness.

4. Well being and wellness is one of the foundations of Hygge living. Surround yourself with objects that contribute to both your mental and emotional wellness. Whatever that may be, opt for objects that bring good vibes and that represent your individuality. Let go of clutter, and things that do not bring you pleasure. When decorating, look for special items that help you feel both comfortable and special in your own space.

5. Quiet time does not have to be alone time. Share your space with people you love.

Hygge Inspired Products:








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Justin Godar

Pieces by Gōdar Furniture are a mixture of local and designer inspired origins that result in creative, striking showcase pieces for interior residences. Designer, Justin Gōdar, where the company name is evidently a derivative of, looked to the Sutro Tower of San Francisco to literally reproduce in model scale coat rack; while the transition from Hans Wegner's PP503, Eames' House of Cards George Nakashima's tables supported the creations of Gōdar’s Thick Chair, Grow shelves and Fake Slab coffee table. While the Sutro Tower Coat Rack shares direct correlations with the actual structure,, the sources for the other furniture pieces are not as evident to even the trained eye for they are not meant to be copies or visible imprints of past works.

 While inspiration has brought the ideas into the making, the production process is also relevant to the success of the unique furniture pieces. Breaking the envelope to produce visionary works comes with quality and careful study. Prototypes are created to build a locally small manufacturing of well constructed pieces. Customers who buy Gōdar Furniture are sure to purchase a product that is opposed to mass production and in favor of quality control, made in San Francisco.

 The achievement of the Sutro Tower Coat Rack, as seen in sale popularity, is also due to it’s clever process. The way the piece is put together and taken apart is an aspect of creativity that only adds value to the overall concept. The rack comes with an effortless assembly kit made of a clever plywood installation ‘hammer’ keystone, giving clients that i-can-build-this attitude which combines simple transportation and consumer participation. Once the rack is bought in store, it can be folded and moved, no large inconvenient packaging required; just a simple lifting of the upper triangular structure to allow for the dis-assembly of the remaining pieces.

 Gōdar Furniture is available at Aldea Home where clients can witness firsthand the creativity, intelligence an...

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Studio for Metropolitan Crafts

Aug 7, 2015 10:06:22 AM

Meet the architecturally trained artist, Laurence Srinivasan:

Studio for Metropolitan Crafts

1. What were your inspirations, for creating the line?
We've been doing tabletop sculpture, architectural models. We started to look at the city map as an object.  So many of us use the Google Maps online everyday. I think the map use has really grown since they've become such useful online tools. So I wanted the interactive map to become something physical, and using the lasercut cork seemed to be the best way to make it interactive... in the same way that online maps are interactive.  With a CorkMap, everyone can personalize the map and make it reflect their own life in the city. Being city-dwellers, we're always making plans and lists-- and having a city map on which to place those plans seemed kind of fun.

2. What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?
Rewarding aspect of what I do, is I suppose when the products take on a life of their own- and it enters into the public. I do like to see good design appreciated by many. Also, I like to draw attention to something that is often overlooked, and take a second look to appreciate it..


Cork Map San Francisco

3. What is the most challenging aspect?
There are many challenges. Designing new products goes through many stages. I try to make something high quality, with good details, creativity, uniqueness, great packaging. Working with the price is a challenge- and a reward. The price needs to be factored in while designing the object. But not too early in the process I think, or it can kill a project!

4. Why should a customer purchase your products?
I would say that's up to the customer. I know I buy a product when it gives me a sort of vision and inspiration of something I like. I always buy quality too.  When buying art, or table top sculpture- you want it to augment your environment at home, show whimsy perhaps, and maybe be a conversation starter. I try to make something that will do that. 

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Orlando Bedroom

Apr 6, 2014 8:02:47 PM

Assemble a space that is an extension of yourself by playing with the tensions and proportions of masculine and feminine stylings. Charge the character of your bedroom with a jolt of bold color such as a luxuriously androgynous purple, completing the look with a unabashedly feminine accent such as the ornate Christian Lacroix Pillow, or give it a masculine finish with a bold, rhythmic print like the Pipal Indigo Duvet.

Introduce leaner, more minimal graphics to highly structured, angular furnishings when creating masculine spaces. Clean, linear shapes paired with tailored, fitted textiles will bring out subtle and rich details like wood grain and woven textures in large statement pieces.

Chic, feminine spaces engage the inhabitants through fluid, sinuous shapes contrasted by the strength of occasional pops of color and elegantly bold swatches of patterns and graphics. Emphasize the lithe and supple shapes of your furnishings by accenting the space with striking colors, textiles, and patterns for a balanced and playful feminine bedroom.

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Ranier Living Room

Mar 28, 2014 6:26:01 PM

Have an unforgettable piece that’s the diva of your home furnishings? Whether it’s a furniture piece or even an accessory, create an effortlessly harmonized space by using this principal piece as the foundation that dictates the style of a room. Our Lazar pieces, in particular the striking Ranier Sofa and versatile Ranier Chair, lend themselves particularly well as both striking focal points and stylistic complements as the fabrics are entirely customizable, ranging from exquisite patterns to refined, subtle hues. Give the space a whimsical feel by centering the composition of your room around smaller accessories such as rare, worldly artifacts from your travels.

Shop the Ranier Living Room online.

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Ernest Bedroom

Feb 23, 2014 5:59:28 PM

The devilishly dashing Ernest Bedroom complements art deco stylings with steampunk accents so you can round out your rugged dwelling with a contemporary edge. Add polish to your space with the striking Thomspon Queen bedframe, a handsome, hand-crafted piece that is constructed of sustainably harvested and reclaimed wood, finishing off with the glamdrogynous, incomparable Maxim Chandelier, a piece so decadent even Jules Verne is salivating.

Shop the Ernest Bedroom online.

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Emma & George Love Nest

Feb 13, 2014 5:51:38 PM

Migrate seamlessly from the percussive energy of the streets to the tranquil folds of your cozy, luxurious retreat. All downy pillows, luscious linens and thick blankets, the Emma & George Love Nest is an ensemble of comforts from around the world. Feathered with linen- embroidered pillows, cashmere and alpaca throws, the Devon Bed is a hand-crafted, eco- conscious masterpiece that brings the warmth of distant woods into your home. Made from reclaimed and eco-friendly materials, the pieces featured here gathers the best and most carefully sourced craftsmanship the world has to offer.

The beautifully hand-crafted Devon Queen Bed is built from sustainably harvested and reclaimed woods. Juxtaposing warm patinas with rough and refined woods, the artistic use of tone ensures every one-of-a-kind piece is a focal point able to blend beautifully with others.

Shop the room on our Emma & George Love Nest page.

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Aldea Introduces: Lazar Furniture

Jan 2, 2014 12:00:00 AM

The first time we sat on a Lazar couch, we thought simultaneously, ‘Ah, this redefines comfort’ and ‘I am never getting up. Ever.’ What we came to learn (after we reluctantly got up) was that behind the mind-melting coziness of the furniture is a company that is as devoted to eco-friendly ethics and sustainable business practices as they are to physically and visually pleasing design.

Exactly how visually pleasing, you ask? Imagine sitting, snuggling, heck, eating on a striking piece of art that you won’t be afraid to use (their synthetic materials make cleaning a snap) and from which you won’t have to ban the kids. Yes, everyone in San Francisco is enamored with mid-century modern right now, but since first setting eyes on Lazar’s offering, we’ve fallen for contemporary art deco. Beginning with the Lazar line, we’re introducing an entirely new aesthetic to Aldea, one that has a strong contemporary edge and will demand an opinion from people, good or bad.

The intelligence that Lazar applies to their sustainable practices is also something that resonates with our own beliefs and mission. Not only do they assemble their products in the US so the entire construction process is kept in the community, the shipping of their products becomes simplified, more affordable, and quicker (not to mention eco-friendly).

Along with Lazar’s memorable designs and patterns, we also absolutely adore the fact that all the materials they use are kid-friendly and durable. After all, what good is a gorgeous couch if your family can’t hang out on it? So, sit back and get ready for some serious eye candy from the newest member of our family, Lazar.

Terra Chair
Need an earth-friendly place to lounge? This 'precycled' Terra Chair can be that sustainable solution. Need to take some extra downtime? Easily transform the Terra into a bed with the sleeper option for that extra shuteye.

Clooney Chair
Handsome design and sustainability done right. Now just cue up a rerun of ER for the full Clooney experie...

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Happy Hanukkah, Happy Gifting

Nov 17, 2013 6:39:45 PM

Getting ready to celebrate the Festival of Lights with your family? We've combed through our products and compiled a list of the most wonderful and witty small gifts so you can really delight your loved ones during your celebration.

1. Commemorate Thanksgivukkah with your children with these beautiful Natural Finish Dreidels (it won't happen for another 70,000 years, so you better play with the kids while they're still young!).
2. Make your holiday memorable with this unforgettable Elephant Menorah, a unique gift that works before, during, and after Hanukkah.
3. The warm and fragrant Voluspa Candle will make any home glow in its aromatic ambience.
4. Turn your home into a wintery wonderland with the Holiday Quatrefoil Candle and bathe in its soft candle light as the holiday scents waft through the air. 
5. These black on black etched Playing Cards will have you paying more attention to the cards than the game—we promise, you've never seen the King, Queen and Joker look as sexy and edgy. 
6. You'll never need to tell your guests to use a coaster again—the Zuzu Coasters have such a beautifully punchy design, your guests will be picking them up all on their own. 
7. Need a reason to look forward to next month? With the Origami Calendar, you can start each month creatively by crafting a graphically gorgeous and colorful origami animal (it's even printed on recycled paper). 
8. Battle boredom with Cubebot! Keep him neatly folded in a perfect cube until break time, then whip out the Cubebot for a fifteen minute dance party (or aerobics—he can do that, too).
9. Use it for your jewellry, condiments, or herbs and spices—the delightfully versatile handmade Double Pinch Bowl can be used in every room of your home.
10. What happens if you forget to charge your phone and your backup battery? With the Solar Backup Battery, you'll always have extra juice with its solar and USB chargeable battery, so you'll never have to miss another call, text, or email while you're out and about.
11. Harnes...

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Secret Santa, Super Santa

Nov 12, 2013 6:28:40 PM

Secret Santa

Make this year the year you become the best secret santa ever. From whimsical gifts fit for any gardening nut to fragrant teas that will keep your fellow coworkers chipper through the day, we've compiled a splendid collection of gifts sure to earn you the title 'Secret Santa of the Year'.

(From left to right, top to bottom) 

1. What do you get your awesome coworker who brings you fresh produce from their garden every week? A plant friend for their desk! The Eggling Crack and Grow is a precious, oversized egg that will grow for up to five months, so it can keep your coworker company through the entire winter season. 
2. Hard work calls for a good, strong drink at the end of the day, and these Whisky Stones will keep any liquor chilled and undiluted for some well-deserved relaxation.
3. For your friend who grew up in the city and has a serious dose of SF O.G. pride, what else can you get them but the San Francisco Rocks Glasses? Help them kick back and rep in style with these fun and perfectly-sized glasses. 
4. Always borrowing your cubicle mate's hand sanitizer? It's time to gift them back with the delightfully functional Clean Beans. All they'll have to do is drop the beans in their reuseable water bottle and shake, and they'll have a squeaky clean bottle in 30 seconds.
5. So, your office mate makes the best baked goods ever and you're getting a craving for treats again. Send the baker a subtle hint with the classic and scrumptious Café Du Monde Beignet Mix.
6. Your brew bro's always got your back in the break room, so get them back with the fragrant and exotic Tea Sampler Tin (and they come in cute pyramid infusers!). 
7. Have a secret doggy treat drawer to lure the office dog to your desk? Show the pooch's owner how grateful you are for the office cuddle bug by getting them the Best Friends Mug, complete with a personalized illustration! 
8. Every office has that amazing person who coordinates all the parties and events, so what better gift to get them than the Celebrati...

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