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Blast from the Past!

Oct 14, 2015 10:55:14 AM

bed from the past

Now that we are approaching our 10 year anniversary I wanted to write a little bit about what Aldea has meant to me.

When I started Aldea I had just moved to San Francisco and did not have a community. I left my family and friends and wanted to start a new life in SF. Opening a store seemed like the perfect recipe for meeting new people and learning about the city. Working in the Mission for the past 10 years has been quite a ride. I have had to opportunity to grow with the Mission in its many phases. 
We have been happy to been a part and want to thank our many customers that have come to all our renditions of Aldea Home + Baby. Today I want to share with you some photos from the very beginning when we opened in on 17th Street. 
- Johanna
baby baby
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Aldea Home and Baby Stores Merging

Aug 26, 2015 12:35:00 PM

We're Having a Baby

We are delighted to announce that Niños store will be merging with Aldea Home at 890 Valencia Street in September. We will focus on curating the best nursery products in the context of a well designed home. We will continue to offer inspiring home, spa and garden accessories. We want every part of your home to be designed with care and filled with love.

We sincerely thank you for the love and support you have shown us throughout the last ten years as we have grown and adapted. Your business means everything to us. As we embark on the new and exciting chapter in our lives, our name will officially change to Aldea Home + Baby

We welcome your feedback, and hope you will be patient with us as we move things around and redecorate. 

Thank you so much and hope to see you soon.

Aldea Home + Baby

Aldea Home + Baby

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Justin Godar

Pieces by Gōdar Furniture are a mixture of local and designer inspired origins that result in creative, striking showcase pieces for interior residences. Designer, Justin Gōdar, where the company name is evidently a derivative of, looked to the Sutro Tower of San Francisco to literally reproduce in model scale coat rack; while the transition from Hans Wegner's PP503, Eames' House of Cards George Nakashima's tables supported the creations of Gōdar’s Thick Chair, Grow shelves and Fake Slab coffee table. While the Sutro Tower Coat Rack shares direct correlations with the actual structure,, the sources for the other furniture pieces are not as evident to even the trained eye for they are not meant to be copies or visible imprints of past works.

 While inspiration has brought the ideas into the making, the production process is also relevant to the success of the unique furniture pieces. Breaking the envelope to produce visionary works comes with quality and careful study. Prototypes are created to build a locally small manufacturing of well constructed pieces. Customers who buy Gōdar Furniture are sure to purchase a product that is opposed to mass production and in favor of quality control, made in San Francisco.

 The achievement of the Sutro Tower Coat Rack, as seen in sale popularity, is also due to it’s clever process. The way the piece is put together and taken apart is an aspect of creativity that only adds value to the overall concept. The rack comes with an effortless assembly kit made of a clever plywood installation ‘hammer’ keystone, giving clients that i-can-build-this attitude which combines simple transportation and consumer participation. Once the rack is bought in store, it can be folded and moved, no large inconvenient packaging required; just a simple lifting of the upper triangular structure to allow for the dis-assembly of the remaining pieces.

 Gōdar Furniture is available at Aldea Home where clients can witness firsthand the creativity, intelligence an...

Read More


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Studio for Metropolitan Crafts

Aug 7, 2015 10:06:22 AM

Meet the architecturally trained artist, Laurence Srinivasan:

Studio for Metropolitan Crafts

1. What were your inspirations, for creating the line?
We've been doing tabletop sculpture, architectural models. We started to look at the city map as an object.  So many of us use the Google Maps online everyday. I think the map use has really grown since they've become such useful online tools. So I wanted the interactive map to become something physical, and using the lasercut cork seemed to be the best way to make it interactive... in the same way that online maps are interactive.  With a CorkMap, everyone can personalize the map and make it reflect their own life in the city. Being city-dwellers, we're always making plans and lists-- and having a city map on which to place those plans seemed kind of fun.

2. What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?
Rewarding aspect of what I do, is I suppose when the products take on a life of their own- and it enters into the public. I do like to see good design appreciated by many. Also, I like to draw attention to something that is often overlooked, and take a second look to appreciate it..


Cork Map San Francisco

3. What is the most challenging aspect?
There are many challenges. Designing new products goes through many stages. I try to make something high quality, with good details, creativity, uniqueness, great packaging. Working with the price is a challenge- and a reward. The price needs to be factored in while designing the object. But not too early in the process I think, or it can kill a project!

4. Why should a customer purchase your products?
I would say that's up to the customer. I know I buy a product when it gives me a sort of vision and inspiration of something I like. I always buy quality too.  When buying art, or table top sculpture- you want it to augment your environment at home, show whimsy perhaps, and maybe be a conversation starter. I try to make something that will do that. 

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Wreck Room - Father's Day Party

Jun 10, 2015 4:18:45 PM

Father's Day Party

Join us in our exclusive basement for Daddy themed festivities including:

Whiskey Tasting 
Bring Your Own Vinyl Record Playing
Darts, Horseshoes & Other Many Games 
$150 Gift Certificate Raffle 

Sunday June 21, 4–6pm, 2015

RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/695015360602292/

See our gift suggestions here: https://aldeahome.com/gifts/fathers-day.htm

Gift List

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Artist Profile: Robert Minervini

May 26, 2015 6:00:33 PM

Robert Minervini

Robert Minervini Mural at Aldea Home + Baby

We are thrilled that Bay Area artist Robert Minervini is creating a new mural for Aldea Home + Baby at 890 Valencia Street, San Francisco. His playful jungle scene already enlivens our baby store at 1017 Valencia Street, and soon we will be able to enjoy his work at our main store. This week (May 26-30, 2015) he is up on a scaffold painting another “more adult” jungle scene with zebras, elephants, monkeys and tropical birds with a fantastic view of San Francisco in the distance.

Mural Install

Robert is known for his large scale acrylic paintings depicting utopian/distopian scenes of cities, freeways and flora. He was recently commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission to create a series of posters relating to local history. This series called "Invisible Reflections: A Narrative of Six Monuments” is currently on view on Market Street for one more week (more info).

 Robert Minervini

Robert Minervini (b. 1981, Secaucus, New Jersey, USA) is an SFAI graduate and has had residencies at Bemis, Headlands and Root Division. His work has been exhibited nationally, including solo shows with Marine Contemporary, Electric Works, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Brooklyn Historical Society, and the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery.

instagram @robert_minervini



Robert Minervini

Narrow Bounty (still life with endangered California flora and fauna)
acrylic on canvas over panel, 32 x 48" 2014

Robert Minervini

Until Tomorrow Comes (Part I)
acrylic on canvas, 52 x 72" 2013

Robert Minervini

Day for Night
acrylic on canvas over panel, 30 x 46" 2013

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The Great Bunny Hunt

Apr 1, 2015 7:05:18 PM

Can you guess how many bunnies we have at each store? Come in an try to count them Saturday and Sunday April 4 & 5 for a chance to win a $15 Gift Certificate. There'll be more than 1 winner!

Submit your answers in-store or message us on Facebook. You'll need a number for each store. One entry equal to or closest to the correct # will win. In case of tie, a name will be draw. You dont have to come in to the store to guess, but you'll be at a real disadvantage! We'll post the winner on Facebook, so you should "like us" etc. 

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Artwork by Sean Newport

Feb 4, 2015 12:32:31 PM

Aldea Home is thrilled to present Sean Newport's artwork throughout our space. We love his Op Art explorations in 3-D. The graphic patterns and color in Sean's work play well off of the textures of wood and frabric at Aldea.

For myself I am captivated with the way perception of his shapes changes with lighting and angle. One of the things that is really interesting is how Sean manipulates color and light to shape the way you see his pieces. I particularly love the new pieces he designed in time for the big LOVE day. The hard and sharp shapes with the hearts are quite extraordinary.

Sean Newport is a San Francisco artist, his works range from design to scupture. Sean is a co-founder of Engine Works one of the last true art collectives in San Francisco.

We welcome Sean To Aldea Home + Baby and will be hosting a Black Heart Valentine's and Reception in honor of his pieces. 

Reception + Black Hearts Valentine's Party
Febrary 12th from 6pm till 8pm
Champagne, Chocolates and Polaroid Booth  

Sean Newport will be featured at Aldea Home + Baby through May 1st, 2015


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Aldea Team Poses in Signature Rooms

Dec 17, 2014 12:56:43 PM

For Aldea Home & Baby's 9th Birthday the staff posed in our signature seasonal rooms. We donned our best black and white outfits trimmed with gold, brass, and leather and waited for our closeups. Thomas Kuoh’s was our DeMille for the day and we loved how they turned out, though we still think the screens have gotten smaller. Presented here with quotes from Coleridge to inspire you with romantic glamour.

Cantwell Muckenfuss (Aldea Ninos Store Manager) and Alyssa Cox (Design Associate) are in the Xanadu Bedroom with the Jonathan Adler’s “Love” & “Lust” pillows and Madini Duvet Cover

A savage place! as holy and enchanted
As e’er beneath a waning moon was haunted
By woman wailing for her demon-lover!

In the Bridegroom's bar with the Izola Shaker and Two’s Company Skellington Decanter are Alfredo Vela Chiu (Logistics Manager), Harry Horten (Accountant) and Nicole Conrardy (Marketing  Manager) 

The ship was cheered, the harbour cleared,
Merrily did we drop
Below the kirk, below the hill,
Below the lighthouse top.

In the Christabel Dining Room with the Canvas Abbesses tabletop collection and Chilewich placemats are Deric Carner (Creative Director), Johanna Bialkin (Owner) and Julia Trujillo (Design Associate) with artwork by Molly Dilworth.

O weary lady, Geraldine,
I pray you, drink this cordial wine!
It is a wine of virtuous powers;
My mother made it of wild flowers.

The Midnight Living Room with Jonathan Adler’s Tic Tac Toe Set and the Four Hand’s Mick Media Cabinet; with Mark Stupi (Design Associate), Valerie Cook (Operations Manager) and Dave Hamilton (Floor Manager) with decorative art by Deric Carner.

The Frost performs its secret ministry,
Unhelped by any wind. The owlet's cry
Came loud—and hark, again! loud as before.


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Christmas in July

Jul 29, 2014 4:57:07 PM


Happy Summer, well I mean winter?? why every summer are we surprised that there is a vast amount of fog outside and why oh why does it make us sooo moody. We are still committed to celebrating and therefore.....

Christmas in July, of course! 

Christmas is on our minds, but only out of force of some weird Midwest habits. So blame Mark and Alyssa. Regardless, we would love to find some excuse to celebrate with you all in the middle of summer. Into celebrating Kwansa, Hanukkah or any other non-Christian denomination? We found some beautiful Jonathan Alder ornaments and felt that we could share the love. As well, we've added some TARTINE pastries to the mix to allow you to experience the cool down we've all been expecting.

If not, than to get you more involved in our favorite finds of 2014 and more excited about our must-haves of 2015. July, August and September are our prime months to show you what we are passionate about here on Valencia. So feel free to bring some sustenance, libation and/or comrades into our home location to enjoy all the above or to just stop by and sing a carroll to your favorite people of Valencia Street.

Lets drink the eggnog (or white russians), get inspired and make the inside merry and bright.

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday July 30, 2014
5pm - 7pm
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