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Animal Pots

Animal shaped planters to enliven your garden or window sill with some exotic wildlife. Choose between Rhino, Elephant, Pig and Jett the Snail.


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Elephants are 5.5" long, 4" wide, 3.5" tall.
Plants We Love in this Pot: Echeveria, Burro’s Tail, Crassula, Lithops, Graptopetalum, Agave, Kalancho, Aeonium, Gasteria, Queen’s Tears, Tectorum Fuzzy, Capitat, Brachycaulos, Veluntina

Piggie is 5.5" long, 3.5" wide and 3.25" tall.
Recommended for this pot for any type of Succulent or Cacti that does not need much watering.

Jett the Snail is 6.5" long, 4" wide, 5" tall.
Plants we recommend for this Planter: Jade Plant, Panda Plant, Echeveria, Sedum, Brachycaulous

Rhino is 11" long, 4" wide and 4.5" tall. 
Plants We Love in this Pot: Jade, Wheat Grass, Sedums, Echeveria

While there is no drainage hole in these ceramic pots for plants, you can add a layer of gravel for drainage prior to adding in the soil and plant.

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